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MJ Bangkok is a leading pet food company in Thailand.

All products from our company are carefully selected around the globe. We only offer the highest quality pet foods and adhere to the pet-cen-tric principle. We find the most delicious and minimal-to-none-process pet food because we believe our pets deserve the best.

Pets' happiness and healthiness are the cores of our operation. Every piece of our products is synonymous with a bag of happiness for pets. We had conducted both scientific research of nutrition and pets' appetizing experiments of every single product before presenting them to our precious customers. We can guarantee that the products you purchase from us are the best you could find on the market.

With our state-of-the-art storage facilities and logistic system, you can be worries-free of products being spoiled, delay in production, product shortage and delay delivery. Our experienced and professional staff have checked and handled every piece with an ultimate care to satisfy our valued customers.

MJ PET & Michinoku Farm Japan at Pet Expo Thailand 2024

Michinoku Farm

Michinoku Farm is a specialized pet food producer based in Japan with its wholly pet-food-dedicated factory in Shimane Prefecture, southern of Japan.

The company started with the love of the dogs and the desire of giving the best food for them. Every product is wholly made in Japan handcrafted by our devoted staff to ensure the top quality of every single bag. The staff are not just a group of employees but they are a group of dog owners and dog lovers who are willing to tirelessly find the best and most delicious foods for their precious flurry friends. The farm believes that the healthy and delicious foods inevitably make the dogs live longer and happier.

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