Manufacturing Process

    Michinoku Farm products are natural and 100% free from additives and preservatives. Every product is made from real animal meats; Generously we use around 4 to 5 kilograms per 1 kilogram snack. Our unique manufacturing process allows us to lock the freshness of each meat by thoroughly and slowly removing moisture from the meats.

We are using 2 manufacturing processes to make our snack, treat and topper:

Freeze Dried Process

    The latest and most advanced technology allows us to preserve the meats without sacrificing their nutritions, vitamins and minerals. It can lock the freshness of the meat to more than 24 months without spoiling. We can guarantee to offer your beloved pets fresh, flavorful and nutritional treats.

Air Dried Process

The traditional and efficient preserving process, this long-established process is still trusted by customers and manufacturers, because of its effectiveness. It preserves all natural nutrients including essential vitamins and minerals and highlights the deliciousness of each meat.

Step 1

Prepare the meats by cleaning and removing unnecessary parts such is excessed fat and grease

Step 2

Carefully cut the meats by hands to proper sizes

Step 3

Low temperature drying. This delicate method does significantly lock the juiciness of the meats resulting in more nutrition retainment and increasing deliciousness.

Step 4

High temperature finishing. This method allows us to naturally preserve the meat without using any artificial substances.

Step 5

Quality control before packing. Our staff meticulously checks the meats with our rigorous checklist and protocol.

Step 6

Immediately pack the final products into our advanced-technology bags. In order to preserve the freshness, taste and hygiene of the meats; the duration of meat contacting the air must be minimal.

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